L2VIP Interlude

Custom PvP Server 10000x Grand Opening 5 June - 18:00 GMT +3
Server is: ONLINE
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    SServer Features

    [server Rates]
    Experience: 10000x
    Skill Points: 10000x
    Adena Drop: 10000x
    Item Drop 10000x

    [Enchant Rates]
    Safe Enchant : +26
    Weapon Max Enchant : +26
    Armor Max Enchant : +26
    Jewels Max Enchant : +26
    Perchant Weapon : 100%
    Perchant Armor : 100%
    Perchnat Jewels : 100%

    [server Features]
    Instant Startup lvl 99
    Auto Get Weapon/Armor/Jewels
    Auto Get All Custom MultiSkills
    Auto-Learn Skills
    Wedding System
    Clan Hall System
    No Clan Penalty
    Castle Siege System
    No Weight Penalty
    No Grade Penalty
    Sub-Class System
    Noblesse System
    Hero System
    Duel System
    Augmentation System
    All Noblesse Skills
    All Hero Skills
    All Augmentation Skills
    Retail-Like Enchant Skills System
    Every Buff / Dance / Song / Chant Lasts 2 Hours
    C4 / C5 / Interlude Skills
    Interlude Skills 99% Working
    All C4 / C5 / Interlude Monsters
    All C4 / C5 / Interlude Locations
    Cursed Weapons Zariche and Akamanah
    Unstuck Command 10 seconds
    Custom Teleport Commands
    Custom Farm Commands
    Custom Events
    TvT Event
    CTF Event
    Stryder Event
    Quiz Event

    Antharas Weapons
    Antharas Armors
    Athena's Wing
    Bioplasm Helm
    Coral Armor
    Lindvior Weapons
    Valakas Weapons
    Epic Wings
    GoD Jewels
    Dark Blood Abyssal Weapons
    Demonic Weapons
    Vesper Wings
    Tattoo Of Dragon
    Tattoo Of Speed
    Tattoo Fighter Agathion
    Tattoo Mage Agathion
    Goddess Of Destruction Hair First
    Goddess Of Destruction Hair Second

    Gm Shop
    Custom Buffer
    Global Gatekeeper
    ClanHall Viewer
    Life Stone Trader
    Class Manager
    SA Shop
    Newbie Shop
    Misc Shop
    Dyes Manager
    Mark Shop
    Recipe Shop
    Tattoo Shop
    Wedding Manager
    Coin Manager
    Custom Gatekeepers
    Top Players List Info
    About Server Info
    Customized Raid Bosses - Auto Spawned Random Time
    PC Bang Points Trader
    Custom VIP Chat command (~)
    Casino Club NPC



    Auto Created accounts